Parent Coordinator Lawyer in Jacksonville

Parenting coordinator services are offered to clients who are having difficulty co-parenting their children in a divorce or paternity case. A parenting coordinator is a child-focused, neutral party that is ordered by the court to work with both parents to come up with detailed solutions to parenting issues in an attempt to minimize conflict and prolonged litigation. Generally, one or more attorneys in a divorce or paternity case will ask the court to order parents to hire a parenting coordinator. If parties are not represented by lawyers, a judge can, on his or her own initiative, order parents to retain the services of a parenting coordinator. A parenting coordinator must meet minimum educational and training requirements outlined by statute. Florida statutes also outline the process of appointing a parenting coordinator and various rights, duties and obligations related to parent coordination. As such, our office asks for an order from the court appointing an attorney as the parenting coordinator in a specific case before parenting coordinator services are provided. For more information about this service, contact a Jacksonville parent coordinator at our office.

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