Jacksonville Family Law & Divorce Mediaton

Mediation is a process in which parties meet with a mediator, who is a neutral party, to discuss their issues with the goal of reaching a mutual resolution. Clients can participate in mediation before going to court, while a case is pending or before returning to court to modify or enforce something in a prior court order and they may choose to mediate an issue for a variety of reasons. Some clients choose mediation in order to save time and money, others choose mediation in order to reduce hostility between the parties, some choose mediation in order to keep certain facts private and decide between themselves what is best for them and others engage in mediation because it is court ordered. People in almost every family law case will be ordered to participate in mediation. Whatever the stage of a case and for whatever reason clients want mediation services, a Jacksonville divorce mediator in our office provides these services. Family law mediations are generally scheduled for two hours or more and for clients without attorneys, we will tell you at your initial consultation what our one time, flat rate would be for a mediation session scheduled with our office as costs will vary depending on which documents clients will need drafted on their behalf. To discuss mediation services and costs with a Florida Supreme Court certified Jacksonville family law mediator, who is also a family law lawyer, contact the office at (207) 602-6118.

We offer a free, initial half hour consultation either by phone or at the office and will discuss with you your options for proceeding, services and costs. To speak with a Jacksonville divorce attorney or family law lawyer, contact us today at (207) 602-6118.